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Dichroic extract is a pure form of coatings by Sandburg's high quality coatings literally extracted OFF of the glass and preserved in a glass container. This innovative method recently created by glass blowing artist Brian Serck, gives the user a stable, brilliantly colored Dichroic effect. Available now, it comes in six solid colors, two types of Rainbow Patterns and a sample set. And, as there is no COE associated with the Dichroic Extract, it can be used much like a gold-flake or powder. We have seen amazing results when this new product is used in flame-working, glass blowing, fusing, stippling, painting and various other artistic methods, including the newest Brian Serck Dichroic Extract “spackling” technique.

The Dichroic extract is sold in sheet glass equivalencies, for example: One sheet worth of Dichroic Extract, ½ Sheet, ¼ sheet, and of course, a Sample Set. We are so excited about this new product and know you have many questions. We invite you to visit our web site to view art projects made with CBS Dichroic Extract.


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